Class Schedule


Eastern Parkway Methodist Church

943 Palmer Avenue

Schenectady, NY 12309





Mixed Ages

Our core classes are for children from birth to five years of age through all nine collections. Classes are research based and structured so that children are able to learn in a relaxed non structured setting that is developmentally appropriate and thereby fosters natural family-style learning. This allows each child to participate in his own learning style and level through singing, movement, instrument play, chanting and exploring. .


Music Together Big Kids® classes are geared toward the interests and abilities of 5-6 and 7 year olds. Musical Together core class elements of natural learning are blended with more advanced activities, skills and challenges that are developmentally appropriate for this grouping of ages.  Basic Music Literacy, which complements and enhances music learning and instrumental instruction in the schools is the center of the classes. This includes the use of solfege, solos, ensembles, folk dances, harmony singing,  vocal development, dramatic play, improvisation and drumming. Parents are welcome to attend but are not required to and the class is limited to age 5 and 7 but older children attend. Families will receive a songbook, CDs, solfege cards and Home Play activities that can be shared at home.

Demo Class

Come and try out a free class and join the fun. We encourage you to experience Music Together® in our non-structured developmentally appropriate settings. You are able to view and register open demo classes for each upcoming semester.


A one time introduction to Music Together designed for parents who want to learn more about musical development in infants to eight months old.


3 and 4 year olds will use the Mixed age materials offering a developmentally appropriate setting and format for ages 3 and 4.